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MUST be a SOLID COLOR (not clear). Did you know that mouthguards come with supplemental dental insurance? If your son is wearing one and is injured in the mouth during play, your mouthguard provider will assist in the dental care (up to a specified amount, see package for details as each is different)

-Chest Protector

NEW SPRING 2022: Boys Chest Protectors must be NOCSAE Approved with a certified Heart Guard.

Click Here for more info - Be sure your son's Chest Protector has a NOCSAE Stamp on it or he will be ineligible to play.

We Recommend Lacrosse Fanatic for buying Shoulder Pads

-Elbow Pads/Gloves

Hockey Gloves/Elbow Pads are okay.

Cleats and/or sneakers
Colorado weather is crazy so we recommend having a pair of cleats for (wet or dry) field play.

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General FAQ

Please refer to the leagues and training tab for more information.