Power & 970 Transition Statement

Northern Power Lax | Power & 970 Transition Statement

Power & 970 transition statement

Northern Colorado Lacrosse Community,

Growing the game is our passion, building great people is our mission. This has been our north star for over nine years, and I’m constantly amazed at the way lacrosse and sports have the capacity to bring people together, teach life lessons, and foster meaningful bonds and memories that last forever. With nine years of experience building and running lacrosse organizations, this mission has never changed or faltered. Lacrosse is called the medicine game for a reason, and it continues to be one of the most powerful tools to cultivate growth on and off the field. I’m ecstatic to share this mission with the Northern Colorado lacrosse community of Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, and surrounding areas. 

Who We Are

Systems need energy! The most effective and efficient systems reach maximum capacity and beyond with mass quantities of energy and power. Energy fuels these systems to help them create and sustain momentum. We’re excited to bring this new voltage to Northern Colorado. I am pleased to introduce Northern Power Lacrosse. The goal of the organization is simple. Bring new energy, unify the community, and help northern Colorado lacrosse reach its full potential. Power is founded under a cultural blueprint that has three pillars to success, three behaviors and attitudes, and three response based outcomes. This blueprint will be the focal point of our development systems, and will help our players rapidly develop positive habits and attitudes that take their game, performance, and character to the next level. 

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Leadership and Coaching Staff

We believe in the Woody Hayes saying, “You win with People.” We are a professionally run program with a myriad of experienced coaches who will be involved in our year round development systems. 

Director: Ethan LaHoda

Director, Northern Power

Director, Rocky Mountain Rattlers/Team 91 Northside

Owner, LGC Athletics

My Lacrosse Tournaments West Director 

Head Coach, Mountain Range High School 

2 Time MCLA Champion at Colorado State. 

Email: ethan@northernpowerlax.com

Director of Lacrosse Boys: Ryan MacDonald

Current Head Coach CSU Lacrosse

MCLA National Champion, All-Conference Midfielder-RMLC 1st Team, All-America 2nd Team Midfielder-MCLA at Colorado State, Team Offensive Most Valuable Player, and Team Captain

Current Coach of Team 91 Northside 2026

Current Coach of Team 91 Nationals 2026 Stripes

Email: Ryan@northernpowerlax.com

Administrative Director: Joe Whitmore

Current Varsity Assistant at Mountain Range High School, Rattlers Director of Operations, Former CSU Goalie Coach, Smoky hill high school 2x captain 2x all conference 1x all state. Most saves in Colorado senior year. Played at Nazareth college and CSU. 1x all-conference honors.

Email: joe@northernpowerlax.com

Director of Girls Lacrosse: Libby Swanson

Libby is a former Colorado State University lacrosse player from San Diego, California. Building the girl's program in Northern Colorado is her major priority, and she is excited to foster new growth in the Northern Colorado Lacrosse Community. 


It is our goal to continue utilizing the best coaches of 970 Lax while also bringing in new, experienced coaches. All of our coaches will be trained in our age-specific development systems, where players can rapidly develop skills that will help them grow on and off the field. More coaches will be announced soon!

High School Coaches

We are neutral to all high schools and plan to be an unbiased feeder program where players are not only prepared to play at the next level but also hope to meet and learn from their future high school coaches. 


We recognize that change comes with many questions and concerns. We will release a full FAQ early next week to address any questions from families. Please fill out the form below so we can optimize our programming and answer any questions and concerns in a timely and productive manner. We will also be scheduling a Google Meet meeting for Wednesday, May 17th—more info on the way! 

Please fill out this form so we can optimize our programming for you!

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**Please note that all program registration will be live starting Tuesday, May 16th

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Our goal is to continue building on the growth and community that 970 Lax has built, and we will strive to make you proud. More information will be released soon!


My Best,

-Ethan LaHoda


Questions? Contact us at ryan@northernpowerlax.com